Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Compounding As It Relates To Autism

Compounding is one of the fastest growing methods of obtaining treatment as more and more consumers realize the importance of individualized prescription. Amounts of medicine needed differ from patient to patient, as do treatments. A compounding pharmacy gives special attention to each patient and devises a healthy plan that works for the individual.

This is especially important for families that have kids with autism. It’s well known that many pediatricians have little knowledge of how to treat autism. Parents of children with autism have to search for proven therapies. A compounding pharmacy that specializes in this is often your best resource for sound and proven treatments that defy conventional limitations.
Heavy metal toxicity has been found in many children with autism. Post Haste specializes in unique chelation therapy for autism, a widely used method of metal elimination. This is one of the treatments commonly used in an attempt to get to the source of the issue.


Another huge issue for parents of children with autism is the ability to find gluten-free, casein-free and soy-free prescriptions. Compounding pharmacies such as Post Haste carry these alternatives when regular prescriptions are unavailable in these forms.

Many children with autism thrive on a gluten-free/casein-free diet. Parents plan around them and reorganize their kitchens accordingly. When a child gets sick, certain prescriptions are otherwise unavailable in gluten-free forms or are suggested to be taken with dairy products.

Even minimal amounts of gluten set some children off and undo months of progress. This is where a specialty pharmacy that monitors each ingredient is especially useful.
Post Haste Pharmacy was founded in 1970 and has developed uniquely effective and safe methods of treating autism. For the general public, it’s revolutionized the way that treatment is offered.

The pharmacy offers a full diagnostic center and patients receive one on one care and personalized advice. The pharmacy also allows for online purchases and their website offers a variety of expert “health calculators,” such as the “nutritional needs” and “calorie burner” calculators. These handy tools make their site, www.posthastepharmacy.net, a resource that should be visited by the general public. Post Haste Compounding Pharmacy can be reached at (954) 989-6524.

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